Fight Prostate Cancer with Your Knowledge

Every year, more than 1 million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer worldwide, making it one of the most common cancers among men. We built Progether to make it easier for patients and their families to find and share information about their prostate cancer, to compare treatments with other patients and to improve prostate cancer research.

Benefits of joining Progether

Progether is a free service for prostate cancer patients and will eventually be a global database of prostate cancer knowledge. Data are anonymously collected and donated to cancer research. The service is currently available in Germany, but will shortly be available internationally.

Your prostate cancer data overview

A screenshot of the user interface used to manage your cancer
  • Easily monitor your prostate cancer online.

  • Collect and enter your cancer data, tests, and treatments in an organized way that makes it easier for you to understand and learn more about your disease.

  • Always ask your doctor for a copy of your medical record, and update your online data whenever new test results are available or if you have undergone new treatments.

  • Make sure doctors always have on hand the information they need to provide you with the best care. Having all information in one safe place is convenient when consulting several specialists, seeking second opinions and searching for caregivers.

Your Prostate Cancer Learning Center

A screenshot from the knowledgebase, showing the list of articles and a single article
  • While the Internet offers a well of general information on prostate cancer, Progether allows you, based on your data, to get educated on your own disease, by giving you information tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Our significant library of articles is provided by internationally renowned experts on prostate cancer and is continually updated with the latest in prostate cancer treatments and care.

Share your experience and support prostate cancer research

A sketch showing a group of physician researchers chatting on a research conference
  • You know more about your own medical history than any doctor. Share this very personal experience with others who need your help, and in turn benefit from their experience.

  • Help researchers understand what it's like to live with prostate cancer, and by doing so, helping them get closer to finding better treatments for prostate cancer.

  • Make a difference and be part in history’s greatest collective sourcing of clinical and self-assessment prostate cancer data to cancer research.

  • Analyzing large amounts of prostate cancer information using advanced data mining and artificial intelligence, allows us to discover new patterns and hidden insights far more efficiently compared to using more traditional methods.

  • Progether is collaborating with an international network of renowned cancer researchers on improving prostate cancer therapy.

Patient reported outcome measurements (PROMs/ePro)

A screenshot of a survey age within Progether
  • Allows you to monitor how your prostate cancer disease and treatments affect your quality of life (physically, psychologically, socially and environmentally) such as what side-effects you are experiencing, pain intensity, fatigue and nausea, or difficulties in fulfilling family roles, participating in common social activities and relationships, the ability to work, etc.

  • Concerns about the quality of life and the patient as a “whole person” and not just “the disease and the length of life”, has shown to improve both the quality of care that patients receive and their health status.